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Web Statistics:

Our Web Stat Software is much more than a simple counter (although we do offer this feature). It is a website traffic monitoring service. It keeps a record of your website's visitors and traffic patterns, putting the data into a format that is easy to understand. An understanding of your visitors' patterns through your site, the technology they use, and their geographic location, can help you tailor your site to enrich their experience, make it easier for them to find what they are looking for, and help your site become more successful in the process. With its numerous reports this service can help you get to know your visitors and fine-tune your website to best fit their needs.

This service is very easy to use right from your control panel and it is included with your hosting package. You will not find another service that offers you so many features and so much reliability. We use top of the line hardware and software to meet and beat the demands placed on us by our customers.

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